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The Future is in Anatolia

The most important energy resources of the future are located on the territory of Anatolia...

Taking inspiration from this, our company was established in 2022 under the name of ENERTOLIA with the merger of the names Enerji and Anadolu.


Enertolia is an internationally forward-thinking, technically innovative, young company headquartered in Ankara. Thanks to its 6 years of experience in the field of renewable energy, natural gas technologies & oil pipelines, it offers the highest level of products/technologies and services.


All our manufacturer partners are technology companies that have proven themselves in a world-leading position in their fields, keeping up with developing technology and digitalization.


We provide equipment, projects, services to our customers with sustainable solutions focused on the future, especially with our product groups determined according to sectoral needs.


To respond to the expectations of our customers and partner companies by creating a product portfolio according to the needs they see as lacking in their sectors, and also to provide customer satisfaction by providing economically cost-reducing solutions to today's conditions and to make it sustainable by taking into account the needs of the sector for the future.


We aim to be a reputable company based on trust in Turkey and around the world, taking it as a task to offer innovations by following technology, making a difference in our own product portfolio in the fields of renewable energy sector, natural gas technologies, pipelines and mining, where customers can easily find solutions in bilateral relations and benefit as technology.

Görkem Güzey

Born in Ankara in 1983, Görkem GÜZEY completed his education at Başkent University Banking department. He has about 14 years of experience in foreign trade, sales and business development manager positions in different sectors (Chemistry / Medical / Pharmaceutical/ Infrastructure/Machinery / Energy).

In addition, he has been a consultant in the renewable energy sector to many manufacturers abroad and has held country manager positions.

Specialized in natural gas technologies and biogas equipment, by establishing partnerships and cooperation with the best manufacturers in the world in this regard, it is moving forward in its goal of providing sustainable solutions at national and international level by gathering this knowledge under the Enertolia Technology company in 2023.


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