Pressure pressure is the analysis of the force exerted by any computer on a fluid (liquid or gas). Person as a unit, force per unit surface area.

There are various techniques and instruments for measuring pressure and vacuum.

Enertolia has a very comprehensive product portfolio regarding pressure values.

For Pressure Measurement in Closed Vessels or Pipes: With DruckTest Gawa, we offer a wide portfolio of digital manometers for every need with 0-2 bar / 2-10 bar /2-25 bar / 2-100 bar options.



In addition, we offer the opportunity to report the measurement you have made in the field with a thermal printer by printing a printout containing numerical values ​​and graphics that document the measurement.

For Internal Plumbing Applications: OLLİ and LECKOMİO are the only digital type manometers that can measure both gas and pressure values ​​at the same time. It offers different options according to your business and needs with pump and diffusion device types with 0-1 bar or 0-2 bar options.


For Hydrostatic Pressure Measurement: With SMART MEMO, you can measure hydrostatic pressure between 0-100 bar and report it digitally online during the test process. You can also connect 6 different sensors and send the relevant measurements to the relevant units by e-mail.

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