Natural gas; It is a colorless, odorless and lighter-than-air gas consisting of 95% methane and small amounts of ethane, propane atoms, butane and carbon dioxide. Since natural gas is odorless, it is specially scented to detect leaks.


For this purpose, THT (tetra hydro theophene) and / or TBM (tertiary butyl mercaptan) are used. The feature of methane gas, which is 95% or higher in the mixture, is that it is the hydrocarbon gas with the simplest chemical structure and the lowest carbon content. The methane molecule consists of 1 carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms.

Due to its simple chemical structure, the combustion process is easy and complete combustion occurs. Therefore; It does not create smoke, soot, soot or ash. It is the fuel that can be adjusted most easily and has the highest combustion efficiency.



This feature provides ease of use and economy. Due to its low carbon content, the emission of carbon dioxide gas, which creates a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and is poisonous to human health, is 1/3 of that of solid fuels and 1/2 of that of liquid fuels.

As Enertolia, we are making a major investment in the natural gas industry and offering sustainable solutions to our customers in this regard.



We will continue to be the solution partner of many gas distribution sector companies in Turkey and the world in terms of gas detectors, gas analyzers, gas leak detection solutions, gas cutting and pipeline repair equipment.

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