Gas analysis and its regular reporting are very important for energy production facilities. We work with German companies Esders and Gas Dortmund on gas analysis.


The ethane analyzer of Esders company is an unrivaled analysis device in its sector in this sense and reports in the field within 45 seconds whether the gas is natural gas or a gas containing biogas.

You can measure THT/TBM online in the field with the THT/TBM analyzer, a product of Gas Dortmund company that is suitable for use by gas distribution companies. There is no sensor in the device and thus, it is very advantageous for the user in terms of cost by only changing the filter and pump in the device.

Another analyzer of the Gas Dortmund company performs siloxane measurement, which is the biggest problem in Landfill Gas Facilities, on the desired scale and transfers it online as data to the scada.


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