As Enertolia, we offer a wide range of solutions in gas leak detection processes. The feature that distinguishes us from other service providers is; We find it more appropriate to carry out gas leakage screening according to German regulations.


In Turkey, field gas leakage screening operations are carried out by vehicle;When we compare the scans performed with a vehicle and the scans performed on foot, it is seen that the scans performed with the vehicle fail in approximately 7-8% of 1000 scans.



The distance of the measurement probes used to the ground and the weather conditions affect your leak detection performance that day. Depending on the performance of the device and the quality of the equipment used in walking scans, you get a faster and more reliable solution. In addition, you can make the detection faster and more accurately by using a remote laser methane device in addition to the gas analyzer in surface scans.

With the laser methane device, we can detect leaks up to a distance of approximately 200 meters. The laser methane device is also very suitable for use in inaccessible high places inside OIZs and factories, or it is very practical and advantageous to use it in areas surrounded by fences that are difficult to climb or reach.



Providing sustainable solutions in biogas facilities should be the main principle of the facilities. As Enertolia, we make a benefit/harm analysis for you by calculating product selection, project planning, facility optimization, system change, product efficiency.

We carry out the installation and operation of the entire biogas facility together with our collaborators who have received training abroad and have done this practically in foreign facilities.

We also provide business partnerships in providing sustainable technological systems in system design and production based on facility engineering.

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