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The corrosive effect of sulfur reduces the strength and durability of your concrete tanks over time. 

If you make a concrete coating, you completely prevent this effect of sulfur. The application and product we offer you eliminates this problem and has protection against most biological and chemicals.

 It extends your tank life by a minimum of 15 years.

Due to the water evaporation in the last 2 meters of the digester in biogas digester , many leaks and problems occur in the epoxy coatings applied to that area or to the entire digester walls, as seen in the world and in our country.

The reason for this is that epoxy durability is between 2 and maximum 3 years. If the digester is emptied during this process, the process after refilling causes sulphate formation due to the combination of sulfur and water vapor, causing the wall to puncture and leaks after a certain period of time. 

To prevent this, wire trap would be an excellent solution.


Unique Features

Preventing Wall Corrosion

Effectiveness Against All Kinds of Corrosive Gases


High Strength Concrete Fixing Technology

Turnkey Installation


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