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Container type gas balloons generally come with all safety equipment installed in 20ft or 40ft containers for those who do not need to store much gas but do not prefer to burn much gas and prefer to store it or to store gas in gas pyrolysis/hydrogen facilities to prevent the spread of odor.


Depending on the content of the gas, gas storage can be done up to a maximum of 95 mBar. Systems with high pressure are generally preferred in container type gas balloons.

You can store a maximum of 22.87 m3 of gas in 20 ft containers

In container type gas balloons, you can store a maximum of 22.87 m3 of gas in 20 ft containers, and 48.34 m3 of gas in 40 ft containers. 

Container type gas balloons are configured with low/high pressure valves, pipe connection apparatus, gas and pressure measurement systems and offered according to your request.


Unique Features

Including Hydrogen

Storage of Many Types of Gases

In a Container Without the Need for Gas Burning

Healthy Storage of Gas


Pressure Resistance up to 95 mbar

Design Support According to Your Facility


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