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EVO+ ranks first in the world with the lowest internal consumption among long shaft mixers.


EVO+ mixes from low rpm to fast, making the mixture more efficient thanks to its specially designed polyamide impeller, thus consuming less electricity for the user and mixing higher volumes.

The feature that distinguishes the EVO+ model from other mixers is;

Apart from the propeller structure, the mixer can rotate at certain angles within the digester and the main shaft works together with the propeller. This prevents damage to the motor and disintegration of the mixer inside by taking action more easily when there is excessive dry matter loading or when a fiber is entangled in the mixer.


Motor power

Engine power 7.5 KW

Propeller Diameter


Propeller Material

3D polyamide impeller (PTM)

Propeller Speed

Between 96 rpm

Mixer Dimensions

up to 4 meters

Axial Thrust Force


Mixing Volume

8800 m3-9800 m3

Maximum Operating Temperature


PH value


Dry Matter Ratio

up to 13%

Installation Location

It is suitable for installation up to 8 meters below the digester liquid level.

Tank Opening

1.0 m x 1.0 m

Intradigesteral Movement

Horizontal/Vertical adjustment ± 15° top link or hydraulic adjustment with preset horizontal adjustment possibility

Protection Class

II 2G Ex db h IIB T3Gb



Unique Features

100% 3 Year Propeller Warranty

Single Long Shaft Mixer with Non-melting

Patented Polyamide Propeller

The only system that can mix 8000 Volume at 95-205 rpm


Opportunity to Reduce Domestic Consumption by 20-60%

Only mixer which has

two mechanical seals front of mixer

1400 mm Propeller Diameter


developed by FOVIMARLO Dijital Media