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The Laser HUNTER is a highly sensitive and selective LDAR (leak detection and repair) gas detection device for the systematic pipe network inspection of buried gas pipelines.

Due to the innovative laser technology, cross-influences caused by humidity or exhaust gases are excluded. 

Only 40 seconds, ethane analysis can measured in ppm level without need any gas concentration to detect ethane.


The laser module is available in two variants.

In the dual version, the sensor can be used for a quick and uncomplicated differentiation between natural gas or digester gas (ethane analysis) to avoid time-consuming and costly pinpointing in the case of digester gas.

If desired, the device can be equipped with additional sensor technology to enable further applications in the course of pipe network inspections. You can use at least 10 hours for an intensive working day.

Bluetooth technology for simple and fast data transmission connection to Esders Pi NOTE (GIS software) available for complete documentation.



LCD graphic display 128 x 64 Pixel, illuminable

Display of measured value, maximum value and bar graph

Power Supply

Lithium-Ionen 7,2 V 6.700 mAh


Charging cradle supplied by 12 Volt or 230 Volt approx. 5 hours


 10 hours (without backlight)

Measurement Principle

Laser, infrared*, electrochemical*
Measurement Range

0 to 1.000 ppm CH4, Resolution: up to 0,5 ppm 0,1 to 2,2 Vol.


% CH4, Resolution: 0,01 Vol.



% 15 to 1.000 ppm C2H6, Resolution: 5 ppm 0,1 to 100 Vol. 



CH4, Resolution: 0,1 Vol.%* 0 to 20 Vol.% CO2, Resolution: 0,1 Vol.



%* (Display range up to 100 Vol.%) 0 to 25 Vol.



% O2, Resolution: 0,1 Vol.%*

Pump Capacity

> 80 l/h, > 300 mbar

Protection Class

IP 52



Unique Features

the only gas analyzer that can take measurements including heating in 40 seconds

The only system that can serve as both ethane and surface scanning and gas leakage agent

Possibility to reduce technical service costs by 40%


The value of methane and ethane in ppm online

the only gas analyzer you can see at its level

Thanks to special filtering technologies, it will be able to come to the device

the possibility of minimizing the damage

The possibility of digital reporting in the field


developed by FOVIMARLO Dijital Media