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MicMeta series is compact, light weight, small size, easy to use, no expertise required gas detectors.


 It’s IECEx, ATEX, CNEX certificated and the explosion proof grade is Ex ia I Ma, Ex ia IIC T4 Ga which is applicable to the explosive gas mixture zone 0, zone 1, and zone 2 of the factory with grades A , B , and C and temperature group T1~T4 as well as coal mines.

Durable, the instrument can effectively resist a 1.5 meters drop

IP66/IP68 rating ensures maximum protection against dust and water Passed the EMC anti-static interference test and can work normally in the walkie-talkie environment With 2 buttons, easy to use. 

Explosion-proof circuit design, safe and reliable IECEX, ATEX, Chinese explosion-proof certificated Explosion proof grade reaches Ex ia I Ma, Ex ia IIC T4 Ga and detectors can be used in coal mines.

The instrument can detect 1-4 gases at the same time With rechargeable lithium polymer battery, extended 18-hour battery runtime


Measurement Method


Gas Type

0-30%VOL O2 0-100PPM H2S

Response Time

≤60S (T90)


LCD backlight

Data Record

1000 sets data records and 100 sets events records

Operating Time

Standby time 18h, charging time

Protection Grade



Wireless transmission


200g (with lithium battery)

ATEXEx ia IIC T4 Ga, Ex ia I Ma, ATEX II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, Ex ia I Ma


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