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OLLI is a multiple gas pressure and measurement detector.

Designed with today's conditions and technological considerations in mind, OLLİ is a functional gas detector with a working area and ergonomic appearance as well as technical features.


OLLI can edit ppm/lel/volume measurements regularly in the same menu.

You can measure different values ​​such as CH4/CO/CO2/O2/H2S at the same time.

OLLI is the only system where you can perform pressure testing, stabilization and reporting up to 1 bar at the same time.

Thanks to its patented filter technology, OLLI absorbs harmful substances such as dust, moisture, etc. that can enter the device 2 times faster than other devices, ensuring a longer-lasting and healthy operation of the device. 

With its jack problem options, it is the only system where you can solve the problem without going to technical service in case of a possible problem, malfunction or replacement.



illuminated LCD Graphics display with 128 x 64 Pixel + special icons

Battery Life

Power supply Rechargeable Li-Ion or batteries

up to 35h (pump version, w/o backlight)

Measurement range 

0-22,000 ppm methane, resolution 1, 5, 10, 50 ppm (adjustable)

0-8,500 ppm propane, resolution 1, 5, 10, 50 ppm (adjustable)


0-100 % LEL methane/propane, resolution 0.01 % or 0.1 % (adjustable)


0-100 Vol.-% methane/propane, resolution 0.01 Vol.%, 0.1 Vol.%, 0.5 Vol.% (adj.)


optional: 0-5 Vol.% CO2, resolution 0.01 Vol.%


optional: 0-25 Vol.% O2, resolution 0.1 Vol.%


optional: 0-1,000 ppm CO, resolution 1 ppm


optional: 0-200 ppm H2S, resolution 0.1 ppm


optional: 0-1 bar, resolution 0,1 mbar



Pump Flow

Approx. 20l/h


IR, Bluetooth (optional)

Data Storage

Approximetly 200 MB


350-400 gr


II 2G Ex ib db IIB T4 Gb



Unique Features

35 hours battery life

Without experiencing technical malfunctions in the field thanks to the jack probe

the possibility to continue the measurement

Possibility to reduce technical service costs by 40%


Thanks to the special filter technology, it is possible to reduce the technical service cost

Main body to reduce sensor failure

Possibility of digital reporting in the field


developed by FOVIMARLO Dijital Media