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The Flange Repair Clamp seals the leaking gasket on the outer casing of the blade assembly. 

This can be done while the pipeline is still in service, reducing their endurance. 

Flange-Repair Ring is torqued to the correct specification, the leak will follow the path of least resistance to the flange bolts. We solve this issue by injecting sealant through the injection ports to fill the gaps around the flange bolts. 

We offers many packing/seal material types and sealant options in order to ensure proper compatibility with the pipeline contents.

the Flange Repair Clamp should be considered a temporary repair

Important - Due to the components of the sealing components and/or complete application, it is possible for a leak to re-start over time.

If a leak develops, it is possible to apply additional filters to the Flange Repair Clamp. Flange repair guard is typically stocked for standard ASME B16.5 sizes 1/2" to 24", 150# and 300# class. 

Custom Flange+Repair Clamp can be designed for almost any application outside this range.


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