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Schwanko is a long-life mixer used for high volume and viscosity media.

Slow moving horizontal paddle mixer for steady and continuous mixing

Mixer suitable for varying liquid levels

Providing high efficiency mixture from the center to the wall connection with the digester center and radial axial suction effect

Versatile Mixer

It enables the fermenter to reach optimum gas efficiency by ensuring rapid activation of the bacterial population 

Container bearing made of special, highly wear-resistant and maintenance-free bearing plastics. All relevant components can be replaced without having to enter the tank 

Thanks to its functional design, it is ideal for breaking floating layers. The agitator principle promotes the mixing of intermediate layers, facilitating the degassing of the substrate. Requires very little maintenance.


Motor power15 kW to 22 kW

Propeller Material

Steel/ Special UV coating

Propeller Speed

between 132 rpm

Axial Thrust Force

6900 N -10000  N

Mixing Volume

12,300 m3

Maximum Operating Temperature


PH value

6.0 – 8.0


Unique Features

Provides strength in the front tank

and does not leave a surface layer

Does not require technical maintenance for a long time


12,000 m3 mixing possibility at 132 rpm

High viscosity and low viscosity media

(dry matter content up to 15%)


developed by FOVIMARLO Dijital Media